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Ambica Industries – HVLS Fan Manufacturer

HVLS Fans stands for High Volume Low Speed Fan.
Ambica HVLS fans are manufactured by Ambica Technologies having manufacturing facility at well known industrial city Vadodara Gujarat India. HVLS stands for High Volume Low Speed, which is a type of mechanical fan with a diameter greater than 7 feet (2.1m). HVLS fans are characterized by their slow movement that helps distribute large amounts of air at a low rotational speed.

Why Choose Ambica HVLS Fans?

To be precise, there are four main advantages that compel our clients to choose and retain their business with us.

  • International quality products at an affordable rate
  • Easy and fast delivery and installation
  • Latest technology
  • Durable and guaranteed material
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • HVLS technology and service that is non-comparable
  • Years of trust installed

HVLS Fans v/s Conventional Ceiling Fans

While comparing which fan type will meet your particular requirements, the key differences to consider are size, speed, the direction of airflow, and cost. Let’s have a look at some major differences between HVLS and Conventional fans to help you determine the right fan for your space.

Properties HVLS Fan Conventional Fan
Size 7ft to 24ft 3ft to 6ft
Speed Minimum speed – 71 RPM
Maximum speed – 200 RPM
Average speed – 230 RPM
Direction Of Air Flow HVLS fans move more air providing complete air circulation due to long blades. Air moves 360-degree making it feel 10-12 degree cooler. Conventional fans move air quickly at high speed in a concentrated downward motion. Air moves downward making it feel like 7-9 degree cooler.

HVLS Technology

Direct Drive Motor

Direct drive motors eliminate the gearbox and thus problems like including noise, weight, and multiple moving parts.

On-Board Processor

HVLS fans with on-board processors eliminate the need for Variable Frequency Drives.


A simple, intuitive, and accessible control interface to actively engage in the climate control features.

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Return On Investment With Ambica Industries

At Ambica Industries you will get the best value for money for HVLS ceiling fans. See how!

Area 12000 square feet
Working Hours 20 Hours
Working days in a month 26 days
Total working Hours in a Year 20*26*12=6240 hrs
No. of Conventional Ceiling Fans required 100 Nos
No. of HVLS Fan required 1 No.
Total Cost of Conventional Fans 1100 x 100 = Rs. 1,10,000
Total Cost of HVLS Fan Rs. 2,90,000/-
Paying Extra Initial cost Rs. 1,90,000/-
Power Consumption of eiling Fan 2.5 watt / Sq. ft=6 KW
Power Consumption of  HVLS Fan 0.1 watt / Sq. ft = 1.5 KW
Power Saving per Hour 6 – 1.5 = 4.5 KW
Per Hour power expense saving ( Considering Rs. 6/ Unit ) Rs. 27/-
Total Months of return on Investment 1,90,000 / ( 27 * 20 * 26 )
= 13.53 Months = 14 Months

Features Of Ambica HVLS Fans

Ambica Industries are among the most reliable HVLS fans manufacturers in India. With the best-in-class features, you get a life-long quality of products.

Efficient Air Movement
Energy Efficient
Manage Air Humidity
Long Run Technology
Temperature Control
Quality + Cost Optimization

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Applications Of Ambica HVLS Fans

Green Industry Campaign is made possible in factories and warehouses with Ambica HVLS products. Breeze up the public places with a temperature drop of 4-5°C.

  • Industrial Factories
  • Places Of Worship
  • Warehouses
  • Dairy & Agriculture
  • Shopping Centers
  • Public Places

Our Latest Products

Explore the latest collection of industry-standard HVLS fans. We update our products regularly to the industry trends to deliver you the best


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