HVLS Ceiling Fan & Its Applications

Most often HVLS fans are disguised by people as only industrial purpose fans. While the real-time scenario shows some different numbers. HVLS fans are used in the wide arena of places that are benefitting from the cooler and sustainable air circulation. Ambica Industries strives to provide all such arenas with high and reliable HVLS fans with a range of products to satisfy all kinds of needs.

Let us have a look at the major fields in which you can jump to HVLS fan systems and make your work area better and breezier!


The real task in the agricultural industries is to store them efficiently and make sure they don’t get destroyed by any pollutants. Agro-storages and dairy products storages are working in this same direction to prevent such outcomes. Air purification and fresh air circulation are necessary for a healthy living stock maintenance and that is why HVLS fans are used to the rescue. They offer a cost-friendly and Effective solution to the cause.

HVLS Fan AI-16


The ambiance of divine places should not be interrupted by the pollutants. Also, most places of worship encounter crowding and suffocation. To maintain the ambiance with hassle-free and silent air circulation HVLS fans prove to be the best option. The cost and quality both are managed well without compromising the other by Ambica HVLS fans. We also have adjustable heights solution to suit any needs.


Be it a sports complex, temporary housing to any event or cafes, every public place carries air pollutants and humidity in its ambiance which needs to be removed. More rush and crowd makes it more difficult. HVLS fans can work efficiently in this direction, aiding other ventilation systems with more power to operate. Keep your business ambiance clean with classic HVLS fans by Ambica Industries.

Big Ceiling Fan For Warehouse


We know that being comfortable and joyful is the only motto behind focusing on a shopping center’s ambiance and atmosphere. Ambica HVLS fans thus can be used there as complementary to the AC systems to help serve the purpose better and the AC units don’t have to work hard. They can cover large areas and can move through obstructions at sufficient height. They are also an effective solution when you look at the terms of cost-friendliness.

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