You might have wondered if the air conditioner is the only option available for multi-complexes and huge buildings. We go to so many malls and shopping centers that either has an air-conditioned or normal wall or ceiling fans. But is there something in between these two options that are efficient and cost-effective at the same time? Yes, there is. The range of  HVLS ceiling fans launched by thehvls.com has amazing fan options that you can choose from.

Now the question arises, why would people prefer HVLS fans in a building? Not all buildings are high profile shopping centers or business hub that requires central air system. Some buildings do not provide this kind of facility. And therefore the best option to go for is the HVLS fans. HVLS fans have a wide range of services, starting from industrial HVLS fans to commercial building fans and warehouse fans.

If you are looking for a perfect fan for your business hub, thehvls.com provides the best and most trusted range of big ceiling fans. The next question we need to focus on is what exactly is an HVLS fan and why is it so beneficial for industries and buildings.

What Exactly Explains an HVLS fan?

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans, is a sort of mechanical fan more prominent than 7 feet (2.1m) in distance across. HVLS Fans move gradually and convey an enormous volume of air at a low rotational speed. Traditional roof fans run on an absolutely inverse standard of Low Volume High Speed.

Ambica HVLS fans are manufactured exclusively at a hi-tech office. Exactness build and the structure gives you mystical advances over conventional fans. HVLS fans move with slow speed and convey an enormous volume of air in the area. With the assurance of profit for your venture, you get first-class quality at par with global standards and support at Ambica Industries.

How Are HVLS Fans Beneficial?

HVLS fans have multiple benefits and some of them are listed below.

  1. Best choice for modern business hubs and shopping complexes.
  2. Improves the profitability of the beneficiaries.
  3. Improves employer satisfaction.
  4. Are available in a wide range of lengths starting from 6 feet to 24 feet, sometimes even more.
  5. Saves unto 80% on the total expenses of the whole center.
  6. Improves your regular HVAC system.
  7. Are available in a wide range of color and number of blades.
  8. One HVLS ceiling fan can replace around 12 normal conventional fans.
  9. It saves a lot of money and maintenance and is extremely easy to install.
  10. It can be used efficiently during all kinds of weather.
  11. The life span of HVLS fans is much more than low volume high-speed fans.
  12. They provide well-being security and warranty for various business centers, industries, and warehouse workers.
  13. Diminishes the vulnerability of item damage which small regular fans are not capable of doing.

How Does HVLS Fans Help Cool The Environment?

HVLS fans can help decline incredible temperatures between 7°F to 11°F. A solitary HVLS mechanical fans from thehvls.com can replace up to 20 stories or tinier rooftop fans while cutting down essentialness usage by at any rate 20% when used as an upgrade to customary cooling. This all happens on the grounds that the HVLS fans are exceptionally made to stream air evenhandedly all through the workplace, allowing you to experience a decrease in the obvious temperature with no alteration in the indoor controller set point.

What Kind Of Services Are Provided By HVLS Fans?

The most common services provided by HVLS fans are in areas like buildings, industries, warehouses, and religious gatherings. HVLS fans can be easily be incorporated in all kinds of huge places that are looking to accommodate several people in one place and want a budget-friendly electricity bill. Big ceiling fans for warehouses are a steal offer as they are basically a one-time investment deal. They serve amazingly and are advantageous for both workers and managers.

The spotless and all-orchestrated spot looks pleasant when you are taking care of a stockroom. Distribution centers are intended to be composed and clean as far as air sealing. Airflow is an unquestionable requirement when you need the climate to be sans dampness and would prefer not to let any destructive barometrical contaminations to remain on your stock. HVLS fans keep up the sacredness of such necessities by giving cooling and air dissemination quietly and productively.


Now that you know how beneficial HVLS fans are for your facilities, its all unto you to make the right choice. Ambica Industries provides a wide range of HVLS ceiling fans for different facilities and in different lengths of the blade.

You can have an HVLS fan in a business hub, industry, warehouse, places of worship, dairy farms and agriculture sector, shopping centers, railway stations, and many more public places.

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